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     Why Delta Force?  Because the Alpha and Omega were already taken.  Ha ha ha.

     No, "Delta Force" is a reference to the Elite Military Force that drops into any situation anywhere in the world and solves problems.

     That's what we do, but as Chefs and Restaurateurs.  Let's say you have a mission restaurant in Singapore that sells noodles and the profits go to buy humans out of slavery.  And let's say you aren't making any money, or maybe all your crew quits or maybe you have to change your entire concept.  We can fly in and within days or weeks help you repair your business.  Let's say you are a believer with no restaurant experience who inherits a cafe in Hungary.  You want to know how to run it.  You want to know how to use it for missions.  We can help.  Let's say you love wine and wine bars but have no idea how that could help anyone.  You are looking at property in Napa.  We can help.  If it has to do with restaurants, bistros, cafes, coffee shops, noodle houses, hotels, bars, wineries, breweries, casinos, cruise ships, or anything else in the hospitality field....WE CAN HELP.  From a hot dog stand at Everest Base Camp to a fine dining wine bar in Manhattan to a street vendor cart in Delhi.  WE CAN HELP.

     We will fly in, anywhere, and help you anyway we can.

     Our "Bat Signal" is still under construction...so for now....CONTACT US RIGHT AWAY.

OR, You Can Support Us:

Donate@RestaurantAsMission.com  (tax write-off)

     You can give to General Programs or to Support Specific Missions (see Mission Lists Tab).


                                                                                                   Chef Victor Matthews