Our Mission

     Originally, it was thought that there were only a chosen few who could help in the Missionary Work of the world.  These folks might dig ditches to provide sewage for a small village in Africa, or help plant crops, or do the back-breaking labor of raising a town hall or church in a remote part of the Andes.  But, it was discovered over time that WE CAN ALL HELP.  That no matter what your specific skills, from carpenter to doctor to chef, YOU can help, YOU can be a missionary and help people.  Well, as a Chef for over a quarter of a century, this was great news to me.  As a believer I spent many hours a week in prayer and communication with Our Lord, but I had never managed to figure out how to use those cooking skills, and that knowledge of wines and service at the four and five star level to serve a greater good.  How could my knowledge of Fine Dining help those less fortunate out there in the Nations?  Well, in late 2009 I was lucky enough to stumble across a few folks from YWAM (Youth with a Mission) and they expressed an idea called BAM (Business As Mission) to me.  Now, it is not for me to comment on YWAM or BAM, except to say how proud I am of all those folks and how I pray that they continue to be blessed, but that was the spark....I could be of service.  Why not build or assist in restaurants worldwide, and use the profits of those improved restaurants to help the less fortunate?  RESTAURANT AS MISSION.  And RAM was born.  As my young students say:  "Let's do this...."  All praise and Glory to HIM without whom I am and have, nothing.

                                                                                                Chef Victor Matthews