Live and In Person, Hands-On Training at the most advanced level to run restaurants and succeed in the restaurant business anywhere in the world.  We have a Fully Approved Culinary School and Operational Training Restaurant in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  There are two basic types of training, and they can be further perfected and focused to fit your needs.  I have given them funny, but realistic, names.

Almost Free

     The "Almost Free" program involves you getting to us.  If you can arrange to come to Paragon, with others perhaps, we can take care of you for minimal expense.  This is our "giving", but you may need to kick in a little for supplies for instance.  You can come for a few days of seminars, OR, you can sit through whole classes.  You could, if you were truly supporting a mission, go through class after class for very little expense.  But if you get to Colorado Springs, if you get to us, it will not cost you much in tuition.  We can arrange for you to have a room at various prices per month.  You can eat in our cafeteria at only $3-5 a meal.  So, by American standards it is VERY cheap to live.  Classes can be as low as $100 a week for a single class or $200 a week for concentrated double-time.  So, for around $1000-$1500 a month grand total you can live and study in America.  This is less than a THIRD of normal standard of living locally.

A Little More Expensive

     The "Little More Expensive" version is where we come to you.  We CAN come to you.  We can train you for a couple days, or train your whole staff for months.  We can make any or all of your restaurant training happen from simple service hints to designing entire floorplans.  We can give tips on menu selection or set up entire hot lines and design full menus with accompanying computer terminals.  Anywhere in the world.  Any level of food.  There is nothing in the world of hospitality or culinary arts that we cannot do, from the smallest to the largest project.  From a coffee shop in the rainforest to a giant skyscraper in Dubai.  There is nothing we fear.  There is nothing we cannot do with our century of experience and through HIS will.


     For those who cannot find the time or budget to do either of the above we have created a serious World Mission Kitchen Guide that trains you in everything you need to know to get started.  We can send you a copy for $25 USD plus shipping and handling.  You will have to write us directly because the total amount varies with number of copies and location of shipping worldwide (shipping ten copies to Kathmandu is a whole lot different than sending one copy to Albuquerque).